Each month members of the Seabrook Island Artists Guild display their art at the Lake House Gallery wall leading to the library.  Most of these paintings are for sale.   If interested, call the artist on the phone number shown under each painting.

Seabrook Island Artist Guild members also exhibit in the foyer of the Seabrook Island Realty.  The paintings and photographs are displayed for about 2 months at a time.  Most art work is offered for sale, but members can also exhibit if they do not want to sell their work.
Each month an "ARTIST OF THE MONTH" and a "PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE MONTH"  are selected and allowed to display additional samples of their work at the Lake House.  The Guild also rotates displays of thematic art, e.g. paintings of local wildlife, paintings of specific Seabrook seascapes and marshlands, as well as artworks created at various Guild workshops.                                          

 Art Hanging Schedule for 2019 - 2020:
 Unless otherwise indicated due to a national holiday, all art hanging will take place on the first day of every month, 9:00-10:00am at the Lake House.  Please remove your paintings from the previous month before 9:00am to accommodate the new monthly exhibit.

December art hanging:  Monday, December 2
January art hanging:  Thursday, January 2
February art hanging:  Saturday, February 1
March art hanging: Monday, March 2
2019 -2020 ARTISTS OF THE MONTH:  
  September:  Roberta Boatti
  October:  Pat Van deGraaf
  November:  Tina Mayland
  December:  Rob Bavier
  January:  Walter Czander
  February:  Brenda Tilson
MONTHLY MEETINGS are held  the 3rd Tuesday of each month, 2:00-4:00pm, except for the summer months and offer FREE DEMONSTRATIONS by visiting Guest Artists or Guild artists.  The Fall 2019 schedule is as follows:

September:  Pat FORSBERG, Still Life in oil
October:  Laurie Meyer
November:  Marine artist William P. DUFFY  **The November meeting will exceptionally be held on Monday, November 11 at 3:15pm.
There will be no December meeting.  But SIAG will hold its holiday party on December 13, Oyster Catcher.
January 21:  Brian REGO
February 18 (Tuesday). demo by Sergio Roffo, 2pm-4pm.


Chris Groves:  January 6-7
Sergio Roffo:  February 20-21
Laurie Meyer:  May (TBD)

Contact Bob Lefevre ([email protected]) to reserve a place at these workshops; payment is due upon registration with Ann Demitruk ([email protected])

Thanksgiving Show and Sale:   Friday November 29, 1:00-6:00pm, Live Oak Hall, The Lake House at Seabrook Island